Levante Restaurant

Welcome to Levante Lewisham

We are a fully licensed restaurant that makes lovely food. Our chef is passionate about cooking. He is an expert in Turkish Cuisine and has worked in top Turkish restaurants around Europe over 15 years. He and this team prepare everything freshly with seasonal ingredients, herbs and spices. Plus we buy our meat from trusted British farms and vegetables locally. High quality ingredients combined with our chef’s talent. As a result; full of flavour and full of goodness.

You book a table and experience the full Turkish experience in our authentic restaurant by clicking on the link below.

Alternatively, you can also have home delivery


All our food is prepared with freshly seasonal ingredients,herbs and spices. We buy our meat from trusted British farms and vegetables locally so that our high quality ingredients and our expertise in Turkish Cuisine makes it a meal to remember.

We have a wide selection of food ranging from soups, hot and cold mezes, pides (Turkish pizza), kebabs, oven and seafood dishes and salads. 

We also have a wide range of drinks, from soft drinks, wines, spirits and beers.

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The success of Levante is down to its great Head Chef Ali Bora. Ali started his career in Turkey where he worked in a top restaurant in Bursda for 6 years. He then carried his career to Vienna when again he worked in a top restaurant. He finally set up Levante in Lewisham where he has work as Head Chef for 13 years.